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Israel, The Land Of Our Dreams

Israel is the land of our dreams. It is also very much of this earth. It is  stunning, mind-boggling, inspiring, frustrating and endlessly beautiful. It is 4,000 years of the Jewish story; people of every religious tradition, and Jews from evry cornder of the globe. It is a place where every single person knows their own story -  and will share it with you! It is waterfalls and ancient ruins, it is spices and markets, it is sacred text and modern innovation. It is a land of conflict and a land of hope. 

We support Israel through programs within our temple and with other synagogues in White Plains. As a member of The 5 Synagogues of White Plains we regulary march in the Israel Day parade and other important events. Our Clergy and youth group leaders lead trips to Israel for families and students; our youth learn about the Israel and its history, bounty, and complexities at every age and are encouraged to visit Israel through NFTY during the summer after Confirmation. 

Learn more about our upcoming trip to Israel this Spring with Cantor David.

Read Rabbi Shira's description of Havdalah in Israel on the recent Kol Ami trip that she led.

Visit the JNF website to help plant a tree in Israel or learn more about their important irrigation initiatives.

Learn more about the beauty of Israel, its people and its culture from ReformJudaism.org.

Jerusalem Post


  1. "You cannot expect a young cadet to operate like an infantry soldier at the scene of a terror attack if he was never trained to do so."

  2. The attack was launched with a car bomb, planted in a street cleaning car that the attackers had stolen a few days earlier, three security sources told Reuters.

  3. The note was unsigned and accompanied by a drawing of a gold star with the WWII era "Jude" caption, SS, Nazi, and anarchist insignia.

  4. "The message of our Islamic party Hamas is a message of encouragement and support for every jihadi who carries out an attack that puts an end to the acts of the Zionist enemy."

  5. Everything – from the chairs on which the investigators and Netanyahu sit, to the timing of the questioning – is planned.