Sixth Grade – Kitah Vav - Sixth Graders spend the year learning about American Jewish History: Immigration to America, Jewish Genealogy and Personal Jewish History. This pre-B'nai Mitzvah year gives our students the opportunity to place themselves within their own family’s stories as they prepare to take their place in the unfolding narrative of the Jewish people. We travel with our Sixth graders to Philadelphia for an overnight visit to the National Museum of American Jewish History, where we explore our history and sleep over at the mueum. Sixth Grade families participate in a phenomenal and personal Sixth Grade Family Museum 

project, open to the whole congregation where they document their personal family story. Sixth Graders also participate in a community-building weekend retreat. 

During this pre-B'nai Mitzvah year, Sixth Graders and parents participate together in a series of three workshops, led by our clergy, to help guide and begin the journey together. Included as part of this series is a Shabbat morning service and brunch.