Rabbi Milgrom teaches our 9th graders. The 9th grade curriculum focuses on the Jewish responsibility to world service while exploring our individual and collective identities as Jewish people. What are our obligations to make society more equitable and just? Does the meaning of tzedakah change when we cross international boundaries? Through text study, debate and dialogue, music, art, and drama we will address issues of justice, responsibility, and social action. We will challenge ourselves with a new set of questions each week in hopes of discovering answers that are authentic and meaningful. We look forward to seeing how each student’s unique life experiences shape his/her approach to understanding the world in which we live. The ninth grade class travel into NYC to work at the Hebrew Union College Soup Kitchen. New this year, Rabbi Shira will be leading a Civil Rights trip to Atlanta for our 9th Graders. (“Talking with Rabbi Shira every week about poverty and how Judaism views our personal obligation was really interesting. It made me realize even as a teenager, I can work to make the world a better place”)