Yad B' Yad (Hand in Hand) is our Synagogue based initiative for teens with developmental challenges. This program was created to fill the void which currently exists for Jewish teens with developmental challenges in Westchester County. This is a population that desperately needs to learn a large repertoire of life and social skills—abilities that most teens understand and take for granted. In order to generalize these skills, teens with special needs need lots of opportunities to practice these life and social skills and a lot of arenas to practice them in—a need that secular schools can’t possibly have the time to fill. This program recognizes the importance of peer mentoring and inclusion not only for the teens with special needs, but also for the wonderful learning opportunity it provides for the typically developing teens. Yad B'Yad runs on Wednesday nights at the Kol Ami Religious School from 5:45-7:45 pm. This is the same night as the regular religious school program for 7th-12th graders. This allows for a seamless inclusion opportunity for the peer-mentoring component of the program.

We are proud to have the Yad B'Yad program profiled by the White Plains Times.

For more details, please contact Jessica Yablow, Yad B'Yad Program Director at 949-4717.

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