For all of you who choose to celebrate the eve of Rosh Hashanah at home with family and friends, we are happy to send you resources to enrich your celebration.

  • Blessings and prayers to say around the table (for candles, wine, for apples and honey, for the ones we love – friends and family.
  • A story to read around the table – “The Princess Who Wanted to See God.”
  • An audio recording of the blessings for 
    • candles 
    • wine & shehecheyanu  
    • for the ones we love  
  • A wonderful video about key concepts for Rosh Hashanah.
    • Look for these phrases:
      • Every wrong can be made right
      • Dip your apple in the honey
      • Shana tova umetukah (a good and sweet year)
      • The Sephardic custom of having a fish head on the table (we should be the head ("Rosh"), not the tail)​.
      • ​Avinu malkeinu - O Lord deliver us

We hope these resources will add depth and meaning – and support you in your celebration of Rosh Hashanah at home. You may want to preview the materials to decide what is appropriate for your gathering.

With wishes for a new year of goodness and joys – a shana tova umetuka,

Your Kol Ami family

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