• RoshHashannah

For The Eve of Rosh Hashanah

For all of you who choose to celebrate the eve of Rosh Hashanah at home with family and friends, we are happy to send you resources to enrich your celebration.

  • Blessings and prayers to say around the table (for candles, wine, for apples and honey, for the ones we love – friends and family.
  • An animated video about kindness (the subject of the sermon at erev Rosh Hashanah services). The video is about ten minutes.
  • A story to read around the table – “The Princess Who Wanted to See God.”
  • An audio recording of the blessings for 
    • candles 
    • wine & shehecheyanu  
    • for the ones we love  

We hope these resources will add depth and meaning – and support you in your celebration of Rosh Hashanah at home. You may want to preview the materials to decide what is appropriate for your gathering.

With wishes for a new year of goodness and joys – a shana tova umetuka,

Your Kol Ami family