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Yom Kippur Kol Nidre
October 4th
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Yom Kippur
October 5th
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Yizkor and Neilah Service

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Preparing For Yom Kippur In-person or At Home

Meditation before Yom Kippur for One who Cannot Fast
Prepared by the Worship Committee

On this Day of Atonement, this Sabbath of Sabbaths,
Jews around the world join in
Refusing food and drink for one day
So that we may focus on correcting our misdeeds,
On acknowledging our mortality,
While reaching for a life closer to Torah through mitzvot and
loving kindness.

Creator and source of all life,
It is not my intent to be apart from my people and our tradition.
My current state makes it unsuitable for me to keep the traditional fast.

Dear God, I turn to you now in sincerity and openness.
Help me in the coming year to guard my health with wise choices.
Help me to protect my body from harm.

I thank you for the breath that is in me.
May I be blessed with the opportunity to help those who suffer.
Grant me the ability to do THIS mitzvah with love and devotion.
And may my eating, then, be as a fast.
May it be dedicated to T’shuvah
To the renewal and restoration of my relationship to You,
To others, and to myself.

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We Remember

Memorial Service
& Mourner’s Kaddish

Our Memorial service will be held on October 5th at 5pm. A copy of the Mourner’s Kadish and other readings can be found on our Yom Kippur Memorial Service page.

Virtual Cemetery

It is a long standing Jewish tradition to visit the grave sites of loved ones in the period surrounding the High Holidays. While a personal visit to the cemetery is the preferred way to fulfill this mitzvah, current circumstances may prevent such a trip. Thanks to the internet and a website called FindaGrave, those buried in Congregation Kol Ami plots, family members interred at other cemeteries anywhere in the world and those whose only memorial is in our minds and hearts, may be visited virtually.

One feature of FindaGrave is the ability to create a virtual cemetery. A virtual cemetery gathers memorials of people who are interred in various physical cemeteries into one, online location. The Congregation Kol Ami Virtual Cemetery lists all interments in Kol Ami plots at Mount Hope and Mount Pleasant cemeteries. In addition, memorials for people who are buried around the globe, or whose ashes may have been scattered in the winds and waters of the planet, may be included in our virtual Kol Ami cemetery.

By clicking the name of an individual, you will be taken to his or her memorial page. There, you will find a photograph of the gravestone or other memorial (e.g. a plaque on a bench), as well as information taken from the stone, such as dates of birth and death. A few of the listings include biographical information entered by the creator of the memorial page.

For questions about the virtual cemetery or to have a name added, please contact our congregant and genealogist, Alan S.

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