Beautiful Rainbows

Once upon a time in the springtime of the year 2020, the earth had a visitor.  It was an unwelcome visitor, a virus called Covid-19. It’s called a coronavirus because “corona” means “crown” in Latin.  And the virus looks like it’s wearing a spiky crown. This virus made people very sick and it spread very quickly.  People were told to stay home. Not everyone could stay home because we needed essential workers to go to work every day and night.  Nurses, doctors, fireman, fire women, truck drivers and grocery clerks are essential workers.  If we had to go out, we had to wear masks and gloves.  The virus could spread by droplets, like rain from the clouds.

It was a time when nature showed us her beauty.  Tulips were blossoming.  Their closed buds opened up as the days continued until their petals dropped to the ground to feed the soil. Tulips are a symbol of love and charity.  Just like tulips many people were helping each other.
Even though we felt sad when we looked at sunflowers they made us smile and feel happy.  Their big bright faces almost seem to be smiling back at us. Birds and other creatures love to eat sunflower seeds.  Sometimes birds dropped some of the seeds to the ground so they could be reborn.  Cycles of flowers show us that things change, we are born and die but we are reborn.
The rainbow shows us that in dark stormy times, there is also light and hope.  Beautiful rainbows are the symbol of hope that we will have a brighter future.

Nancy MerahnMerahn