Bring Them Home To Israel – Now!

We need your help; it requires some heart and soul, and a few minutes. Three years ago, we were in Ethiopia to see the last of the Ethiopian Jews make aliyah to Israel. Long story (you can learn more here), 9,000 Jews didn’t make it. Israel has been extraordinary, the only nation in the world to bring Africans out of Africa to freedom. Currently, there are 120,000 Ethiopians Jews living in Israel. But there are mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, and children living in sub-standard conditions in Ethiopia, waiting to be reunited with them.

After much delay, Israel’s cabinet voted unanimously last November to bring the remaining Jews home to Israel. To the shock of many, in March Netanyahu’s government claimed there wasn’t enough money to bring them. No aliyah of Jews has ever been halted due to financial reasons.
We want Netanyahu to know that it’s time to reunite these families, that it’s time to complete this historic aliyah.

You are welcome to talk with Shira, with David (Elcott), or with Ellen Bittner (Kol Ami congregant and coordinator) if you have any questions.

You can link directly to the petition. We need your signature. Please take a moment to sign, and if you are so moved, please share with others. We need thousands of signatures to move the mountain. We need Israel to live up to its remarkable promise.

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With the deepest gratitude,
Shira Milgrom
David Elcott
Ellen Bittner


UPDATE: Read the article in The Times of Israel that talks about the efforts of Kol Ami in this important cause.