Dealing with Anxiety

Dear Friends,
At least as serious as the coronavirus, is our anxiety about it.  As this may not be the last time we deal with such a health crisis, it is important to learn how to manage our anxiety:
· This note does not replace the health guidance we have been providing from the CDC. We all must take good care of ourselves and make smart decisions about health safety.
· While nothing is guaranteed, our bodies are primed for health and healing.
· We add our prayers for those health care workers healing the sick and protecting the vulnerable.
· A calm spirit helps support our bodies.  Some techniques for calming the spirit include:
  1. Quiet meditation
  2. Slow breathing
  3. Focus on your reasons for gratitude. Gratitude is the most direct path to joy.
  4. Stay productive and focus on the things you can control
  5. Stay connected to people – by phone or video, if necessary
  6. Make use of guided meditations such as the one at the end of this email
With blessings for health and peace as we enter Shabbat and the joy of the Purim season.
Your Kol Ami Family