The Kol Ami Brotherhood

The Kol Ami Brotherhood (“KABRO”) is reinventing the traditional role of a temple men’s club. KABRO has two main goals: to foster friendships among the men of Kol Ami, and to serve the congregation in its spiritual, educational, and charitable mission. The emphasis is on good times, new friendships, and a meaningful connection to the Kol Ami community. We invite you to join us, even if – especially if – you have never been involved in a temple men’s group before.


KABRO is the successor to the Kol Ami Men’s Council. The name change is part of a broader shift in emphasis, and reflects the influx of a new wave of younger members in 2011. We are carrying on the Men’s Council’s important tradition of service to the community, but we are also developing new social and recreational events that will appeal to more congregants than ever before. We are also working closely with the Religious School, Women of Reform Judaism and other groups throughout Kol Ami to plan programming and activities for the year ahead.


We have asked all congregants – whether or not they’ve been actively involved in KABRO – to suggest events and activities that we can sponsor. You don’t need to attend our monthly meetings or serve in an official capacity; you just need to be inspired to participate in events that you think will be meaningful to the congregation.

Some of our activities are mainly social and recreational, like our recent second annual camping trip. Other activities connect more directly with Kol Ami’s central mission as a Reform Jewish congregation, like the Hannukah party we held last December for the children of the Religious School. But even a camping trip can build a stronger Jewish community. Besides strengthening bonds among the families that attended, there was a special sense of spirituality in the Havdalah service that Cantor Mo led, under the stars, amid pine trees and mountain air.

Examples of old and new KABRO activities include:

  • A New York Mets game at Citi Field.
  • Pot luck Shabbat dinners at the temple.
  • Our spectacular and well-attended community Passover seder.
  • A Hannukah party and candle lighting for the Religious School.
  • A dance with the rock band Kickstart Charlie.
  • Welcoming congregants and guests at High Holy Day services.
  • Distributing Yom HaShoah candles.
  • Honoring the Man and Woman of the Year (co-sponsored by WRJ).
  • Contributing financial support to special projects at Kol Ami.
  • If you’re interested in suggesting or organizing an event – or a softball team or klezmer band – we’d love to hear your ideas!


Membership in KABRO costs $40 a year. Members receive discounts at many KABRO events, so membership pays for itself. We encourage all congregants to pay the membership fee, even if they have not been actively involved. We pay our own way for camping trips, dances, ballgames, and pot luck suppers. Dues make it possible for us to sponsor activities that benefit the Temple and Religious School.