Rabbi Tom

Sure, it might be hard to believe or even imagine that there is a light at the end of this crazy Covid tunnel.  But even if we can’t yet see it, we have to believe that it is truly there, amazingly bright and welcoming.

We have spent these months deeply involved in “planning for the worst”, and here in our community we have all done some very good work taking good care of ourselves, our families, and our neighbors.  We planned for the worst.  It arrived.  And we have managed to keep our heads above water, as we have, virtually and in person, held one another up.

So now, let’s begin to enjoy imagining and preparing for the “best” that is now on the horizon.

I am providing here a community blog space for us to begin imagining together. You are all invited to participate and write your dreams, ideas and creative thoughts on how the Kol Ami community can jump into, and get the most out of the good times that are certain to come.

What might we plan for that new horizon?

  • Find ways to make up for missed celebrations?
  • Create joyous, unmasked opportunities to gather?
  • Help those of us who suffered losses during these months but didn’t yet feel the embrace and comfort of community? Or we didn’t have the opportunity to fully celebrate those lives we miss?
  • When are epidemiologists tell us is safe, should we have a huge hug fest?
  • Introduce our little ones to opportunities they have not yet experienced?

Be creative, open your imaginations and your hearts!  What are your ideas on how we should someday celebrate the Grand Reopening of our lives?