Wellness/Upcoming Holiday and Festival Celebrations at Kol Ami

As we continue to learn more about the impact of COVID-19, we believe it is important to continue to evaluate our protocols for minimizing the spread of illness and communicate our efforts to promote health and wellness.
With this in mind, in addition to following the protocols of the CDC that we have distributed previously, we ask that you:
• Wash your hands frequently, in particular before coming to Kol Ami or use sanitizer upon entering our building
• Stay home if you do not feel well or if you show any symptoms of illness
• If you travel to at risk countries as identified by the CDC, including as of today China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Iran, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam, then upon your return, you may not return to Kol Ami until you have been home for a period of 14 days and only if you are symptom free at that time
• For those most vulnerable to the effects of illness – please consider celebrating Shabbat from home. Our live stream is available each Kabbalat Shabbat, and we invite you to join us in worship by going to www.nykolami.org and clicking on “Live Services” in the upper right hand corner or by clicking here.
In addition, we have decided — voluntarily — to make changes to our celebrations in the foreseeable future in order to minimize the risk of transmission of illness.
Purim:  Our Purim Spiel and service will take place as planned, but we have decided to cancel the carnival and dinner this year. Please be assured that our Purim celebration will continue to be the amazing, festive celebration we are accustomed to experiencing.  The Megillah reading and Spiel, which this year is based on the music of Elton John, will take place on Monday, March 9th at 6:15 pm in the Sanctuary. Delicious hamantashen, coffee, and tea will be served after the Spiel. We hope everyone — congregants of all ages —  will get into the Purim spirit, dress up in costume, and join us for an exciting evening of music and spirited celebration.
Onegs/Sunday Bagels:  Please also note that we are making changes to the protocols for the oneg celebrations we enjoy together on Friday night and Saturday morning as well as Sunday bagels.   Commencing this week, we are eliminating unattended buffets of unwrapped items.  Instead we will serve individually wrapped items such as nutrigrain bars, hummus, baby carrots, fruit cups, clementines and string cheese.
We appreciate your understanding and help in keeping our community healthy as we continue to learn, worship, and celebrate together.