Deli Box Order Pick Up Instructions

If you placed an order to pick up a Ben’s deli dinner box for tonight’s Big Night In, we look forward to seeing you at the Temple drive-by from 4-5:30pm. Please drive by the sanctuary entrance to pick up your order.

Join us from the comfort of your own home! Grab a cocktail, enjoy a New York deli box from Ben’s and get ready to be transported to a night out in NYC. The evening will be hosted by our own Alex Hopkins and will feature a mind-blowing interactive show with Gary Ferrar, mentalist and magician extraordinaire. It will continue with a special night of Broadway entertainment led by our own Mairi Dorman-Phaneuf.

Please share this campaign with your friends and family who you think would be supportive of Kol Ami, whether or not they are local or were planning to attend the event. We are hopeful that soon we will be able to connect together again in-person as a congregation. 

Honor a Kol Ami Pandemic Hero

To fund our future, we ask that you make a meaningful contribution as an expression of gratitude to your favorite Kol Ami Pandemic Heroes; whether they give of themselves at our Temple or in their own communities, we are all part of the Kol Ami family.  

Dinner Options
Order by April 26th

Purchase a pre-ordered New York deli box and enjoy a mouthwatering overstuffed sandwich from Ben’s Deli! 

Become A Sponsor Of The Big Night In

As a sponsor, you will receive a New York style Ben’s Deli box dinner, will have the opportunity to honor your favorite Kol Ami Pandemic Heroes with a special greeting featured during the evening, and will be invited to a private Talk Back Session with our Broadway Stars.

We’d like to thank to our early registered sponsors
for moving us closer to our $100,000 fundraising goal!

Gold Star Sponsors
Susan & Greg Arovas
The Schonfeld Family
Gerri & Andy Sommers
Lesley & Ron Sommers
Michelle Gersen & Michael Zweig

Silver Star Sponsors
Lisa Borowitz
Ballard & Durand
Ronnie Cohn & Robert Jacobs
Bonnie & Eric Eilen
Leslie and Steven Heineman

The Kroin Family
David & Lori Okun
The Ilberg Family
Judy & Steve Rieger
Jean & Hank Rouda
Shira Milgrom & David Elcott
Ellen & Jonathan Litt
Martin Kahn
Hillary & David Seif
Cindy & Scott Musoff
Dana Niedzielska & Lukasz Niedzielski

Bronze Star Sponsors

3020 Optical
Lori & Rob Abrams
Atlantic Westchester/Bright Energy
Jim & Margie Arsham
Amy & Warren Barest
Nir & Laura Barzilai
Jack Berger & Randy Stein
Nina & Phil Blumenfeld
Jodi & Gary Breitbart and Family
Cerini & Associates LLP
Karen & David Cole
The Gluck Family
The Goldban Family
Frank & Laura Kaiman
Beth & Gene Kava
Suzanne & Matthew Kirsch
Jodi & Howard Klein
Carol & Gene Klein
Kristi & Steven Knecht
The Kur Family
Lederman & Lederman, LLP
Carrie Lederman Barotz & Nathan Barotz

Stephanie Levine
Joele & Andrew Levenson
Margie & Gary Lewis

Jess & Dave Lorden
Nancy and Larry Marcus
The Mazin Family
Cathy McCarthy
Daryl & Mike Moss
Gary Orentlicher & Pamela Millian
Ken & Irene Nussbaum
Robison Oil
Elaine Petschek 

Judy & Danny Sarch
Scarsdale Security Systems
Scirocco Insurance
Signature Bank
“Pandemic” Adult B’nai Mitzvah Class of 2021

James Sinkoff
Elizabeth and Andrew Ward
Maggy & David Weber
 Rabbi Tom Weiner