Torat Chayim

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Torah Scribe at Congregation Kol Ami - Reform Synagogue Temple

Dates With Soferet Julie Seltzer

Pre-Simchat Torah program
October 20th 
4 pm to 6 pm
Assist Soferet to “fill-in Hebrew letters” in new Torah

November 24, 2019
January 26, 2020
February 27, 2020
March 18, 2020
March 22, 2020
April 3, 2020
(final letters scribed)


Mezuzahs and Mojitos
Talk Torah At Home Gatherings
You are invited to join with other congregants in an informal and casual conversation in the home of a congregant and explore some of the ways that Torah lives in our lives. No prior knowledge of Torah required.

Sunday, November 3rd 3:00-5:00pm, White Plains
Sunday, December 1st 4:00-6:00pm, Hartsdale
Friday, December 13th 8:00-10:00pm White Plains

Mezuzah Mottos
January – March 2020
Celebration and Dedication of New Torah
May 28, 2020

Julie Seltzer is one of a small group of women Torah scribes, and became enamored with the Hebrew language when she took her first trip to Israel at the age of 18. She began to further explore the meaning of Hebrew letters and the scribal arts while working at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center in northwest Connecticut.

Julie studied scribal arts with Jen Taylor Friedman, the first woman we know of to write a sefer Torah. During a subsequent trip to Israel, Julie studied with Shoshana Guggenheim, the lead scribe of the Women’s Torah Project (a women’s collective Torah scroll), and Shoshana’s teacher Dov Laimon, an Orthodox man who teaches women despite his own adherence to Orthodox Judaism’s prohibition to use a scroll written by a woman.

Upon returning to the United States, Julie apprenticed with Reform scribe Neil Yerman in Westchester. Her first scroll was a Shir Hashirim – a Song of Songs scroll. Julie’s first complete Torah was written while on display at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, where she worked as a Scribe-in-Residence. 

Julie enjoys the discipline and meditative practice that being a Soferet STa”M, a scribe, provides. She says that, “Writing itself is what interested me most: how a finite number of letters can combine into an infinite number of unique sentences, and function as a means for communication between people across time and space.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready To Pledge Visit Our Online Pledge Form

Ready To Pledge

Visit our pledge from and pay either online by credit card or by mailing a check to the main office.

Pledge Opportunities Here is where you can pick specific books, selections and passages to dedicate.

Special Passages
$18,000 per selection
Limited to one selection per family

Seven Days of Creation (Gen 1-3)
Akedat Yizhak (Binding of Isaac) (Gen 22: 1-19)
Song of Sea (Miriam’s Song (Ex 15: 1-21)
Ten Commandments (Ex 20: 1-14)
Holiness Code (“Love Your Neighbor as Yourself” …) (Lev 19)
Ten Commandments (Deut 4: 44-5:30)
Sh’ma and V’ahavta (Deut 6: 1-25)

Special Biblical Stories
$5,000 per selection
Will be open to multiple selections

Adam and Eve (Gen 2: 4-25
“Am I my Brother’s Keeper” (Gen 4: 9)
Noah’s Ark (Rainbow) (Gen 9: 12-17)
Call to Abraham (Gen 12: 1-3)
God’s Covenant With Abraham (Gen 17: 1-7)
Abraham’s Hospitality – Welcoming the Stranger (Gen 18: 1-8)
Abraham Purchases Burial Plot of Sarah (Gen 23: 1-20)
Rebecca at the Well (Gen 24: 1-20)
Easu and Jacob (Gen 25: 19-34)
Jacob’s Dream (Gen 28: 10-22)
Jacob Wrestles with an Angel (Becomes Israel) (Gen 32: 25-30)
Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors (Gen 37:3)
Joseph Makes Himself Known to His Brothers (Gen 45: 1-4)
Blessing of Ephraim and Manasseh (Gen 48: 8-20)
Shirah and Puah-Midwives Who Spared Moses (Ex 1: 15-19)
Birth of Moses (Ex 2: 1-10)
Burning Bush (Ex 3: 1-6)
“We Will Go With Our Young and With Our Old…” (Ex 10: 8-9)
First Passover (Ex 12: 1-11)
Parting of the Red Sea (Ex 14)
Moses Selects Judges (Ex 18)
At the Foot of Mt. Sinai (Ex 19)
Ner Tamid – The Eternal Light (Ex 27: 20)
The Golden Calf (Ex 32: 1-4)
Attributes of God (Ex 36; 5-7)
Moses’ Face Sent Forth Beams of Light (Ex 34: 35)
Golden Rule (Lev 19:18)
Holiday Cycle (Lev 23)
“Proclaim Liberty Throughout the Land …”  (Liberty Bell) (Lev 25: 10)
Moses’ Prayer for Miriam (Num 12:13)
Meaning of Fringes (Num 15: 37-40)
Mah Tovu (Num 24: 5)
Zelophehad’s Daughters (Num 27: 1-11)
Reading on the New Moon (Num 28: 1-15)
“When Your Child Asks You…” (Deut 6: 20-25)
“Open Your Hand to Your Poor and Needy Brother” (Deut 15: 11)
“Justice, Justice Shall You Pursue” (Deut 16:20)
“Remember Amalek – Do Not Forget” (Deut 25: 17-19)
“Blessed Shall You Be…” (Deut 28: 6)
“Choose Life” (Deut 30: 15-20)
Moses Appoints Joshua as Leader (Deut 31: 1-8)
Moses Blesses the Israelites (Deut 33: 1-29)

Other Selections

Chapter                       ‭     ‬$360
Verse                            ‭   ‬ $180
Hebrew Name              ‭   $180
Word                           ‭      ‬$54
Letter (children only)   $18

Ready To Pledge

Visit our pledge from and pay either online by credit card or by mailing a check to the main office.

Special Selections
$3,600 per selection
Will be open to multiple dedications

Creation – Day 1 (Gen 1: 1-5)
Creation – Day 2 (Gen 1: 6-8)
Creation – Day 3 (Gen 1: 9-13)
Creation – Day 4 (Gen 1: 14-19)
Creation – Day 5 (Gen 1: 20-23)
Creation – Day 6 (Gen 1: 24-31)
Creation – Day 7 (Gen 2: 1-3)
First Word (Bereshit) (Gen 1:1)
Last Word (Israel) (Deut 34:12)
Priestly Blessing (Num 6: 22-26)
The Sh’ma (Deut 6:4)
“Write Down For Yourselves This Song” The 613th Commandment (Deut 31:19)  

Weekly Portions/parshiyot
$1,800 per selection
Will be open to multiple selections

Dedication Parashiot is a meaningful way to take part in Torat Chayim.

Do you remember the name of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah portion or that of a family member?  If not, just bring us the date you were first called to the Torah.  One of our Clergy or Torah Scholars will determine and discuss with you the Parasha for that date.

The Book of Bereshit (Genesis)
Chaya Sara 

The Book of Shemot (Exodus)
Ki Tisa

The Book of Vayikra (Leviticus)
Acharei Mot 

The Book of Ba-midbar (Numbers)

The Book of Devarim (Deuteronomy)
Ki Teitze
Ki Tavo
V’zot Habracha