Bar & Bat Mitzvah

What is a Bar or Bat Mitzvah? Where does this tradition come from? The answer is relatively straightforward, and it is important to focus on the central meaning of this moment in a young person’s life. The Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience at Kol Ami begins with engaging family workshops in the 6th grade and ends with a meaningful Bar/Bat Mitzvah Shabbat service close to the young person’s 13th birthday. Additionally, the students work extensively in one-on-one sessions with our Clergy and with their own individual tutor. Each student also takes on their own mitzvah project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program


Learning for its own sake, as well as the opportunity to become an adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah, is encouraged. This two-year program includes a study of Jewish beliefs and practice, a conceptual introduction to holidays, life cycle rituals, great friendships, and the art of asking good questions. For more information on dates and times please contact the main office or one of our Clergy.

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