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At Kol Ami Religious School, we are dedicated to creating an engaging atmosphere where we reinforce positive associations with Judaism. Lively learning through music, art, projects, challenges, meaningful conversations, dance/movement, and on-site activities fill our classes. We create the opportunities for friendships to flourish. Weekly Tefillah (prayer services) are led by our Clergy, who enjoy connecting with your children.

Each grade, in age-appropriate ways, engages in an encounter with prayer, Jewish belief and spirituality, Hebrew, the stories of the Torah, and the celebration of Jewish life through holidays, rituals, and blessings.

In addition, each grade explores a specific topic of Jewish life in-depth. Special programs/activities, trips, games, experiences in the Jewish arts, and family learning accompany each grade’s program.  Every grade has a family Shabbat program where our students participate in our service and families join together for a Shabbat meal. There are many opportunities for families to engage together as a larger community, for parents to learn alongside their children, and to celebrate and worship together.

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