Chai Task Force Mission Description

The mission of the Chai Task Force is to guide Kol Ami throughout the transition from our current Rabbinic Partnership Model through the process of hiring a new Senior Rabbi and Assistant Rabbi and welcoming them to the congregation.  To do this we will:

  • Learn from our members the qualities that are important in our new rabbis (Listen & Learn Sessions)
  • Celebrate and honor Rabbi Milgrom and Dr. David Elcott
  • Celebrate and honor Rabbi Weiner
  • Welcome the new Senior Rabbi
  • Welcome the new Assistant Rabbi

The following teams will be created to accomplish the above:

  • Plan and organize Listen & Learn Sessions
  • Formulate questions to be asked at the Listen & Learn Sessions
  • Facilitate Listen & Learn Sessions
  • Zoom Specialists to execute Listen & Learn Sessions
  • Plan and organize Rabbi Milgrom and Dr. David Elcott’s celebration
  • Plan and organize Rabbi Weiner’s celebration
  • Plan and organize the new Senior Rabbi’s welcome events
  • Plan and organize the new Assistant Rabbi’s welcome events

Listen & Learn Focus Sessions

Information gathered from the Listen & Learn Sessions will be provided to the Senior Rabbi Search and Assistant Rabbi Search Committees to assist in the writing of the job description for each position and questions candidates will be asked.

The plan is to hold Listen & Learn Sessions from January 2022 through April 14, 2022 with:

  • New members
  • Long time members
  • ECP parents
  • ECP teachers
  • Religious School parents
  • Religious School teachers
  • Youth Group members
  • High Holy Day only members 
  • B’nai Mitzvah families
  • College Youth parents
  • Shabbat in the Woods families
  • Everyone Else!