COVID 19 Screening Questions

With the joy and privilege of joining together in person comes responsibility. In order to participate in any of our in-person programs, you must pledge to comply with our community brit (agreement).  When you register to participate in any of these programs, you will be asked to answer a series of screening questions.  Please do not come to the Kol Ami campus unless you are able to answer “no” to each and every one of the following questions:

In the previous 14 days, have you or a member of your household:

  • Been exposed to, or tested positive, for COVID-19
  • Had a fever above 99.5 degrees, without fever-reducing medication
  • Experienced chills, shaking chills or muscle pain
  • Suffered from a headache in combination with any of the other symptoms
  • Had a sore throat or new cough
  • Had new shortness of Breath
  • Experienced a new loss of taste or smell
  • Unexplained diarrhea or abdominal symptoms
  • Visited any of the states on the NY State list of states that require a 14 day quarantine?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you will not be permitted to join us on campus until you are cleared by a medical professional.

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