ECP Program Descriptions

Children learn best through play and experimentation. We offer these learning experiences within a warm, accepting, and nurturing environment. Our classrooms are set up in colorful inviting centers where children choose their area of interest including art, manipulative toys, puzzles, dramatic play, blocks, transportation, animals, musical instruments, and books. We recognize and respect each child’s unique qualities and strive to foster their growth and development in all aspects: cognitive, physical, social, and emotional. Through rich and welcoming surroundings, complemented with consistent routines and exploratory play opportunities, we inspire children to grow at their own pace, realizing their full potential.

First Friends

(14-22 months)
For Toddlers and Their Parent or Caregiver
Not running this year due to Covid-19
First Friends is an early development parent-and-me program. We meet Tuesdays from 10:00-11:15am, October through January and then again from January through May.

2’s Program

Warm and Nurturing
Our programs for 2’s is a supportive environment for that critical first school year. We help children and their parents become comfortable with separation while creating a stepping-stone towards a positive school experience. Our school year begins with a home visit from your child’s teachers. This brief introduction in the security of your child’s own home helps cultivate a sense of connection that will in turn facilitate a successful classroom separation. Important goals in the two’s include independence, socialization, expressive and receptive communication, and fine/gross motor skill development. All opportunities offer a variety of sensory integration experiences and creative activities.  Through our developmentally appropriate exploration of Shabbat and the Jewish holidays, we plant the seeds of Jewish customs, traditions and values, rounding out our curriculum and year.

Our 2’s school day runs from 9:00-12:00pm, September through June.
3-Day 2’s: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
4-Day 2’s: Tuesday-Friday
5-Day 2’s: Monday-Friday

NEW: Transitional 2’s separated drop-off program
Not running this year due to Covid-19

For children turning 2 from January-July

Meets Monday’s and Tuesday’s 9:15-11:15 from January-June

3’s Program

An Environment for Learning and Play
Our 3’s classes provide multiple opportunities for learning and growth in the areas of cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development. Consistent daily routines and weekly “special” programs help the children develop a sense of safety, while creating the path to learning. Jewish holidays and traditions are celebrated and woven throughout the curriculum that stresses social, emotional, and cognitive growth. As the year progresses, we teach the children about the world around them, introducing environmental awareness, cultural diversity, and culminating with a Tzedakah project. Our Torah Alive! program offers our 3’s a first introduction to the Torah  and our glorious history through story, puppetry, and dramatic play. We conclude the school year with our “All About Me” unit. This unit encourages social skills and self awareness, and touches on family, friends, personal preferences, feelings, manners, health, and nutrition. Incorporated into each day is a gross motor experience in one of  our state of the art outdoor spaces, or in our extensive and well-equipped indoor play  area. Shabbat is a special event, with our families rotating as our Shabbat guests, and classes taking turns as school-wide challah bakers. We celebrate Shabbat as a whole community in prayer and song in the sanctuary, led by our rabbis and cantor. The celebration continues in the classroom, where we share the closing of a stimulating  and satisfying week filled with knowledge and friendship.

Our 3’s school day runs from 9:00-12:00pm September through June.
Half day 3’s meet Monday-Friday mornings from 9:00-12:00pm

From September through December 2021
Mondays and Wednesday 9:00-2:00; Tuesday, Thursday and Friday until 12:00

From January through June 2022
Monday through Thursday 9:00-2:00, Friday 9:00-12:00

4’s Half & Extended-Day Programs

Providing Enriching Curriculum For Preschoolers
Half day  4’s meet Monday-Friday mornings from 9:00-12:15pm
Extended Day 4’s meet Monday-Thursday
9:00-2:30pm, and Thursday and Friday until 12:15pm.

A Step-Ahead! Pre-K

Kindergarten Readiness Program
Designed especially for children turning 5 in the Fall. A Step Ahead!  is expertly designed to bridge the gap for some students to have  another year before Kindergarten. Our Pre-K program includes active  exploration and teacher-initiated activities including literacy,  handwriting, math, science, art, games, songs, and morning meeting.  It provides both large and small group opportunities tailored to meet  the collective needs of both the individual learner and the community.  The children in this program will benefit from Kindergarten style  enrichment activities plus Garden, Library, Music, Israeli Dance,  Drama, Yoga, Teva (Nature), and Soccer.

A Step Ahead! meets Monday-Thursday from  9:00-2:30pm and Fridays from 9:00-12:00pm,  September through June.

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