Funerals & Death


Candle Jewish_TraditionWhen death is imminent, families and friends need comfort, care, support, and guidance. Oftentimes, difficult and complicated decisions need to be made and the emotional and spiritual needs are sometimes overwhelming. Our Rabbis are available for help during the difficult days. When death occurs, please notify the temple. If the office is closed and you need the help of a Rabbi, you may contact one of them at home. They can help you with the arrangements for a funeral service and answer any other questions you might have. Setting a time for the service: The funeral date and time need to be coordinated between the families, the Rabbi, and the funeral home. Please talk to the Rabbi before setting the time.


Memorial Candle. Upon returning home from the funeral, it is customary to light the Shiva (seven-day) Memorial candle and place it in a public area of your home, such as a living room or den. This candle will be given to you by the funeral director.

Kaddish. Families often choose to say kaddish at home for family and close friends following the funeral. You can arrange for a shiva service with the Rabbi at the same time you make the funeral arrangements. In addition, the name of your loved one will be read at all Shabbat services for one month following the funeral.

Yahrzeit. On the anniversary of a death, a 24-hour Yahrzeit (memorial) candle (available in grocery stores or at our Judaica Shop) is lit by family members and placed in a public area of your home. It is lit at sundown of the day prior to the anniversary of the death. Your loved one’s name will be read at the service that day and at all Shabbat services that week. You will receive an advance notice of the service times and dates for those loved ones you have listed.

Prayers for Yahrzeit

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