Making Justice Real

Fall-Winter 2021

Weekly Tuesdays 12:30-1:20, Nov 9-Dec 14

A lunch and learn by Zoom

What kind of work does it take to make society just and keep it that way? Is the task never-ending or can it reach completion, and if so how do we reach that point? Why does this work matter – what is at stake? Come join congregants and Rabbinic Intern Noah Lawrence as we discuss together what the Torah has to say about these questions. 
We’ll delve anew and deeply into classic stories like that of Pharaoh and the Exodus, Korach’s rebellion against Moses, and others. In our time when these questions bear particular significance, come explore the Torah’s timeless insights, and how they can guide us in choosing our paths forward and illuminate our spirits, together in good company.
Join us for any or all sessions –  each will stand alone, all will be thematically linked.
For more information and to receive a Zoom link, reach out to Noah at

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