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What Enters the Heart
Voices in Contemporary Jewish Literature 
with Rabbinic Intern Noah Lawrence

Spring 2021

Final two sessions meeting Sunday evenings 4/25 & 5/9, 7:30-9pm via Zoom together 
Whether you’ve joined before or are coming for the first time,
come share in the climax of our journey

Check “This Week At Kol Ami” for Zoom access
Contact Noah at noahlawrence@nykolami.org with questions

Join us as we explore how contemporary Jewish literature contributes to modern art and culture a distinctively candid, heartfelt voice, with a real experience of “you laugh, you cry” — in the spirit of the Jewish saying, “Words that come from the heart enter the heart.” We’ll explore how contemporary Jewish poets, fiction writers and essayists reckon with what is hard in our world and, precisely amid it, find a life-affirming spirit and cause for celebration. 

Our variety of voices will include:
  • the celebrated poet Yehuda Amichai, of the first whole generation who grew up speaking modern Hebrew and started their adult lives in newly-independent Israel
  • Etgar Keret, whose twist-filled, empathetic micro-length short stories have made him the landmark writer of Israel’s post-Six Day War generation (equivalent to Gen X)
  • American Jewish essayist and comedian Jenny Slate, a star of the millennial generation, who fuses together vulnerability, defiance, and joy

No Preparation Required: We’ll read out loud together rotating around the Zoom room (think of it as a Seder of modern literature). Come discuss together and share together as these spirited voices lift up our lives.

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