Advocacy At Kol Ami

In this issue of our newsletter we are providing additional information regarding opportunities for advocacy within and outside Kol Ami.
Advocacy at Kol Ami
After a successful campaign to send postcards to our elected officials, a congregant has initiated a new program to send postcards to President Trump.  The postcards will be pre-printed on one side with the White House address.  The other side will be blank so you may indicate your opinion on whatever issue is of most importance to you.  We will notify you when the postcards are ready for your use.
Advocacy outside Kol Ami
We continue to recommend two sites for current information and advocacy opportunities.
The HIAS website, , contains a wealth of information regarding HIAS’ efforts on behalf of refugees, including filing a preliminary injunction challenging the reduction in refugee admissions and steps you may take to support refugee families.  In addition, at the HIAS site you will see the letter from almost 2000 Rabbis, including Rabbi Milgrom and Rabbi Weiner, calling on our newly elected officials to keep America’s doors open to refugees.
The URJ website,, contains announcements and news releases that may be of interest to you.  For example, currently featured on the website you will find information regarding President Trump’s Immigration Ban, Rabbi Rick Jacobs’ statement that President Trump’s “Abdication” of the two-state solution could devastate Israel’s prospects for peace, and the URJ’s opposition to David Friedman’s nomination for U.S. Ambassador to Israel.
If you have social justice ideas you would like to share with fellow Kol Ami congregants, please call any of us or email us at:  We will continue to share your ideas in future newsletters.
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Hank Rouda, President                       Jess Lorden, Executive Director