After School Program


Soccer Shots
Soccer Shots is a national program that teaches the game of soccer and focuses on character development by incorporating a word of the day into each session and discussing its meaning and relevance on the soccer field. Through creativity, positivity and fun, we encourage new challenges and increased confidence with ball control and basic soccer moves.

Kids in Sports
A specialized sports program for children customized with a multi-sports program designed to equip children with greater like skills, while helping them find early success so they can grow up happy, healthy, and more confident. “When kids play sports, they learn how to work together, follow directions and socialize with others.” Kids in Sports promotes the idea that athletics, when taught correctly, can improve a child’s overall development and provide lasting benefits that go beyond the game.

Stay and Play
Enjoy art projects, baking, and other fun activities led by one of our ECP teachers.

Mad Science
Mad Science of Westchester is a leader in Science enrichment designed to spark imaginative learning. The class delivers unique, hands-on science experiences that are as entertaining as they are educational. Including projects such as learning about weather with clouds in a bottle, using chemistry to set off volcanoes, making a magnet, vibrations and science of music and digging for dinosaurs!

Teva with Candice Moscoe-Polner
In Teva, Candice combines the Art, Nature, and Love that surrounds our Kol Ami campus for your child while engaging their five senses and growing their ability to appreciate what nature has to offer.

Shabbat Friends
Candice Moscoe-Polner will explore Shabbat traditions through cooking, crafts and play while incorporating nature-based materials.

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