Kol Ami’s Guide To Death,
Mourning, and Remembrance


We at Kol Ami are here to support you as you manage both the secular and Jewish elements of death and mourning.
This information is not intended to replace direct communication with the clergy or temple staff.

For immediate emotional support, please call the temple’s emergency number at 914-922-5094.

When Death is Imminent

It may be a great comfort to recite the deathbed Viddui, similar to, but more personal than, the Yom Kippur Viddui. It is a confessional prayer said by the dying person or by someone on their behalf.

In addition, you may wish to read this article that summarizes The Book of Job and analyzes the fundamental religious paradox of why a loving God would construct a world so full of suffering.

At Time of Death
(or when you learn of a death)

Many find comfort in reciting this ancient prayer at the time of death:

Baruch Atah Adonai, Eloheinu Melech HaOlam, Dayan Ha’emet
ברוך אתה אדני אלהינו מלך העולם דיין האמת
Blessed are You, Source of the Universe, in whose world everything has meaning.


Please follow the prompts below for support

For immediate emotional support
please contact the temple’s
emergency number at 914-922-5094

Phone Calls to Make as Soon as Possible

Help is readily available for you and your family.

Kol Ami
Call the emergency number at 914-922-5094. (Be sure to share the name and contact information of your family’s trusted contact, if you have one.)

Funeral Home
If you haven’t chosen a funeral home or cemetery, we can help guide you.

For immediate emotional support please contact the temple’s emergency number at 914-922-5094

Please follow the prompts below for support:

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