Updated opportunities to connect, help and get help

We’re all feeling the fear and uncertainty that come with a new threat and so many unanswered questions. This is when our shared community is at its best. So many members of our congregation are eager to provide support. So many members of our community need our assistance. As we continue to look out for and care for one another, sometimes taking action is the best path towards finding calm in the midst of a storm. This note contains a few suggestions for positive steps you may wish to consider to help you cope with the stress and concern with which we are living at this time.
Connecting with Our Clergy
First, please join one of our daily Zoom Gali Gali calls with our clergy. The call schedule for this week follows:
  • Monday, March 16 at Noon with Rabbi Tom:
(CLICK HERE to join. Meeting ID: 208 092 522. No Passcode Required)
  • Tuesday, March 17 at 5PM with Cantor David:
(CLICK HERE to join. Meeting ID: 409 501 950. Passcode: 360201)
  • Wednesday, March 18 at 3PM with Rabbi Tom:
(CLICK HERE to join. Meeting ID: 666 046 493. N0 Passcode Required)
  • Thursday, March 19 at 4PM with Rabbi Shira:
(CLICK HERE to join. Meeting ID: 780 052 557. Passcode: 758215)
  • Friday, March 20 and Saturday, March 21: Worship together via live streaming. CLICK HERE or go to our website to live stream our Shabbat services.
Second, we welcome you to share your feelings, reflections and thoughts on Rabbi Shira’s blog. To join the blog, go to: www.NYKolAmi.org/WeAreAllConnected
Feeding our Community
While many of us are hunkering down these days, with refrigerators and pantries pretty well stocked, there are many people in our community who are hunkering down as well – but without provisions.
Kol Ami is already positioned to help through our Food Pantry. There are several ways you could safely participate, any of which would make a difference:
1. Drop off bags of food to designated sites in White Plains.
2. Deliver bags of food to congregants
3. Volunteer to pack bags (please note: at this time we are fully staffed, but we anticipate the need for additional volunteers)
4. Write a check to the Congregation Kol Ami Food Pantry
5. Click here to make an on-line credit card donation to the Kol Ami Food Pantry or go to: www.NYKolAmi.org/FoodPantry.
For volunteer option #1, please email David Elcott at davidelcott@gmail.com.
For volunteer options #2, and #3, please email Pam Millian at pmillian@yahoo.com.
Community Assistance
As is so often the case, many congregants have already inquired how to help others in our community.
All adults are encouraged to CLICK HERE to volunteer to assist congregants in need OR to indicate ways in which our temple members may assist you. This may be acts as simple as providing grocery runs, medication pick-ups, pet supply deliveries or fulfilling other requests for basic necessities. It may just be making calls to check in. Liz Ilberg has offered to match volunteers with those in need of assistance.
If you know congregants who are unlikely to read this, please let us know by emailing membership@nykolami.org. Liz will ensure that everyone is contacted.
Please contact our Member Relations Chairs, Alison Adler (646) 483-3657 or Melanie Gluck (914) 319-6869 or email membership@nykolami.org should you need any further assistance during these stressful and challenging times.
The force of God moves through us in this world.
God has no hands but ours.
Stay safe and safely connected,
Your Kol Ami Family